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Have It Your Way!

Have It Your Way! As if you could do anything else.Posted by Timothy Carey Ph.D. on 11 Aug, 2018 Have you ever had anyone snap

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The Attachment Theory : How Childhood Shapes your Life
Attachment theory helps us understand how our childhood especially our early childhood bonding experiences with our parents mainly mothers though it can be primary caregivers like nannies or grandparents too can affect our views of ourselves, others and the world. Hence, it will affect our relationships with others in the future. Therapy can help someone to work through the insecure attachments they have had and learn to build good relationships moving forward.


The REAL FAKE NEWS – NEVER Listen To This Internal Talk
How & what we say to ourselves is important! If we keep listening to Fake news inside our head, it becomes our reality. We are what we believe!!


JACK MA: You Need To Hear This
Pure & good intentions will pave the way to success!! When there is a will, there is a way. Just do not be afraid of hardwork & setbacks.